Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Reason Behind The Formals

As all the students of VIT must know by now, the recent 'Code Of Conduct' asks students to wear formals every Tuesday and Thursday. Incontrovertibly, this has led to discussions among the students. Many are wondering why they have been asked to wear formals on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Well, here's why.

It is said that "When a person wears casuals, the clothes get noticed. But when a person wears formals, it is the person that gets noticed." Formals undoubtedly give an impression of professionalism and seriousness about work. The dress code of the corporate world is formals. And hence, we aim at an early start in getting used to wearing formals. Wearing formals twice a week will make the students partially used to the corporate life that they are going to live, after their B.E.

It has been found that some students are not comfortable wearing formals. Since they are not used to it, they find it especially difficult to fare well in vivas. Many a times, students focus on adjusting their shirts or belts, instead of focusing on the questions beings asked. This problem can be eliminated or reduced by wearing formals on a regular basis. A person who is used to wearing formals is bound to be comfortable with them. And as we all know, it is very important to be comfortable, calm and cool, during a viva.

Wearing formals certainly gives a professional feel to your work. Companies are being invited to VIT campus in the coming few weeks, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students in formals will certainly make a good impression on them. This, in turn, has a postive effect on the reputation of 'Vidyalankar'. Such a professional attitude will encourage the companies to return to our college the next year, with more enthusiasm and belief that Vidyalankar exhibits high standards of professionalism.

So, for the benefit of the students as well as the reputation of the college, students are encouraged to wear formals on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week.

[As told by the Principal Prof. Seema Shah to Suman Barua]

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Seema Shah said...

1. As Mr. Vishwas Deshpande once quoted:
If your dress is casual, the dress gets noticed and if the dress if formal, you get noticed.
2. Dress for the occasion, exhibiting professional behaviour in a professional environment calls for a professional dress code (formals).
3. Wearing formals will make you feel professional. good for you.
4. Would you like the head of the Institute , TPO and faculties wearing casuals when industries visit the campus? Think about it!
5. Lets all join hands and make VIT a professional place to be in: today and the future.
6. I am sure you all agree that VIT should be a place to build the netizens of tomorrow.
Seema Shah