Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wish For Love

An entity, just so divine;

So serene, so calm and feels so fine.

A feeling to which people devote;

But it’s so hard for them to emote.

Imbibes the heart with a feeling unknown;

Person feels the joy who once used to moan.

This feeling you feel deep-down in your core;

Makes your heart sing, fly and soar.

This feeling when someone embraced;

Fell in the path of love never leaving a trace.

If this is what you want to find;

You need to be amongst the destined.

I never felt like this before;

Where my feelings never go ashore.

Thou will also feel the same;

And paint thou-self in the love’s frame.

Moaner, once I have been;

Love lost in the midst, never to seen.

Will this love end again?

Leave me with nothing but, just the pain.

Is suffering a form of love?

I suffered enough not leaving a cove.

I pray to Thou never do this to one;

Death is better than being loved by none.

Cursed is what my life would be;

Never feeling a thing, never being free.

Pain is through what I have gone;

Never again shall I be born.

All these years my heart cried aloud;

No one could hear though many were around.

Faking smile throughout the day;

Love is lost and so is my way.

So I plead to all, that thou pray to Lord;

Make thou amongst the luckiest of all.

Who find love and forever it lasts;

And thus love’s shadow is what they cast.

I still linger along with grief;

This pain and suffering I hope is brief.

So wish for love is what I say;

God bless you all and never take your love away.

Nashit Vakil


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Tanvi said...

great thoughts!