Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Flickering Light

I walk the lonely night,

towards the flickering light.

In the shadow of the night,

I can see just the flickering light.

In the darkness I blindly grope,

the light being my only hope.

Was it on the ground or was it in the sky?

I had no choice I had to try.

I hoped that my deep desire

of reaching that distant fire

would be done as soon as possible

and end all my trouble.

Somehow I felt that reaching the light,

Would bring me great delight.

But when I finally reached the light,

it was just a flickering light.

I wandered my sight

to search for another light.

“God at least one!”.

But there was none.

And so for the rest of my life I decided to fight,

to protect that flickering light.

Vikrant Hatwalne

1 comment:

Dhruva said...

Brilliant work, Vikrant!!! Truly amazing..!