Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Sensible Idiocy

The world of Bollywood can't get so generous and considerate that I literally think of thanking it. Yes, I would like to thank Bollywood for bringing in a product like 3 Idiots, thank Rajkumar Hirani for his accurate, nerve tickling way of telling the story, thank Aamir Khan for playing Rancho and making the character so realistic and of course, thank Chetan Bhagat for writing Five Point Someone. Yes, I would like to thank Mr. Bhagat now. When I had read the book few years back, I wasn't so impressed. May be this (movie) is the best way to convey the message. May be this is the best way to make the nation understand the meaning of life, a happy life.

India will surely top the countries where a child's career is decided by his or her family, friends, relatives, teachers (or sometimes in-laws too!). The young minds are influenced by others and they seldom choose their careers following their dreams, their interests. People say that genius is rarely found. I strongly disagree. Every brain, every mind is a genius in its own way. The only thing which is common is, not understanding oneself and one's mind. Today, I feel really happy that people around me are watching 3 Idiots not just for entertainment. Self introspection and understanding is increasing. Everyone around is questioning the system, gauging his interests, finding his real passion and trying to follow his own dream. Spectacular!

Yes, it is a spectacular achievement for the team of 3 Idiots including Mr. Bhagat! Each and every scene of Aamir in the movie gives an emphasized message which steals the heart, makes us think and ponder for a while. Only a personality like Aamir Khan can think of pulling off such a well-written role perfectly. May be he is the same personality in his real life as well…a man with full of passion for acting in his life. This movie is a benchmark in his career and with this movie, he has proved that he is a man of substance and not just an actor. He has made the young minds understand all the simple yet necessary things of life with such an ease and grace. He has made them understand the fact that there is no point running after success. In fact, let success run after you. So chuck all your fears and inhibitions, gauge your dreams and fulfill them with lots of passion in life. When in a pickle, the three words can bring a smile on your face...Aal Iss Welll!!!

And the result is in front of us. A friend of mine, Hardik, who always wanted to be in the creative field, is somehow moving to and fro in the world of Engineering. But today, he has become much more realistic about his dream, his passion. He has plans of specializing in the field of animations. And he doesn't have any fear or inhibition while saying this. Truly...Aal Iss Welll!!!

It is not every time that we get such a meaningful form of cinema. Even parents and teachers should watch it once to understand the magic behind this idiocy. We live in a world of suicides and depression. There is no proper time other than now for leaving that world and being a true idiot for life. Yes, there is no harm in being one….for this is a very sensible idiocy.

Kalpak Chavan



meenakshi said...

Hmm...the movie definitely makes one ponder about our education system.

I understand that engineering is a creative creative as engineers choose to make it. "Thinking beyond syllabus" is the magic phrase, I believe...

Hardik has amazing artistic skills...I'm sure he'll utilize them in whatever profession he pursues.

hardik said...

Superb liked it man..!!
n thnx 4 mentioning me in dat.. :)
Al Izz Well.. ;-)

kalpesh said...

well said,
it is true people like hardik are rare to find in this fast changing world.i would like to qoute something:

Believe where others doubt

Work where others refuse,

Save where others waste,

Stay where others quit.